By: Marc S Miller


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Marc’s superpower of synthesizing and storytelling shows up in the wonderful book. As HR (not just Harriet Rose) becomes more central to stakeholder value and business results, Marc’s innovative ideas will have profound impact. This work will help business and HR leaders identify and deploy the human capability practices that deliver value

Dave Ulrich

Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business,University of MichiganPartner, The RBL Group

Marc is a brilliant storyteller with the gift of making complex topics simple and easy to grasp. This book is a must-read for those that want to understand the current state and future possibilities for HR in the changing world of work. His advice is practical and fun to engage with, and Marc helps us see the new chapter and era that is on the horizon – while also challenging the HR profession to take ownership of our future and our path to immortality.

Dr. Dieter Veldsman

Chief HR Scientist, The Academy to Innovate HR - AIHR

I have to say, ‘Immortal HR’ was such an enlightening and enjoyable read. Marc Miller has a remarkable ability to captivate his audience with a blend of storytelling and expert commentary. Throughout the book, he delivers invaluable insights that showcase the critical role of HR in navigating the challenges posed by the pandemic. What stood out to me was how Miller emphasized the power of collaboration and technology in shaping the future of HR management. This book left me feeling inspired and gave me a fresh perspective on the importance of HR in our ever-changing world.

Amy Dufrane

CEO – Human Resources Certification Institue – HRCI

A clever, engaging, fun read, extremely informative and up to date, is the story of how Ms. H. (Harriet) R. (Rose) Job resurrected and became (well, almost) IMMORTAL. Clearly this is a uniquely delivered semi-textbook on the “undiscussable” issues in HR that drive any people-centered business. This allegory demystifies how so many organizations underutilize the HR function while claiming “people are our most important asset.” Miller’s insightful wit is a serious wake-up call, in sharp contrast to its fun and accessible style. Don’t miss the message or the laughs!!!

Vince Conte

Accenture Associate Partner – Retired, Adjunct Professor of Technology Management, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

As an HR practitioner, technologist, consultant, podcaster, and conference speaker, I am always entertained when I experience Marc either as a speaker at a conference, on my podcast, or through his books. I was excited to read Marc’s first book Heroic HR, but Marc struck gold with his “The Death of H.R.” In Marc’s follow-up book “IMMORTAL HR” he uses his creative and engaging style to bring critical information about the new world of work and how HR can be positioned for success. You can see his passion come through his writing based on his observations and review of research about the role of HR when Covid hit and now, how HR responds to challenges beyond the pandemic. This latest work is engaging and fun. It should be on every HR practitioner’s reading list.

David Turetsky

Host, HR Data Labs podcast

After his last book, “The Death of HR: Who Killed Ms. Harriet Rose Job”, Marc Miller’s readers were led to believe that HR was dead and buried. Case closed. Turns out a global pandemic that disrupted workplaces across the globe brought HR back to life – and much reinvigorated (at least for now). “Immortal HR”is a humorous and insightful analysis of how HR was back in the spotlight to help deal with covid issues, workplace lockdowns and a shift to remote work on a massive scale – and all at once. As an HR technology executive, I highly recommend this timely, well-researched and highly entertaining read.

Nick MacIlvaine

Global VP Core HR & Onboarding CoE, SAP/SuccessFactors

Marc S Miller has done it again! IMMORTAL HR is a creative, engaging and clever follow-up to his (2018) “Who Killed H. (Harriet) R. (Rose) Job? – a Cautionary Tale and a Detective Story.” IMMORTAL HR shows just how critically needed HR practitioners and HR technology were during Covid, and remain so today and into the future. Marc’s use of Ms. H. (Harriet) R. (Rose) Job’s appropriately named colleagues (such as “Anna Lytics”) drive home our understanding of effective HR practices.

Roy Altman

Founder, Peopleserv, Inc., Editorial Committee - IHRIM’s Workforce Solutions Review magazine

Marc S Miller returns as he resurrects Ms. H. (Harriet) R. (Rose) Jobin “IMMORTAL HR.” His consulting “voice” presents an informative, creative and fun read. Marc shows how Ms H. R. Job worked with her various colleagues, like Mr. Arturo Intelligenti (Artificial Intelligence), Mr. Hyman Brid (Hybrid Work), Ms. Jennifer Zee (representing Gen Z), Ms. Anna Lytics (Analytics), and others, to deliver outcomes that helped her company survive the effects of the “evil do-er”, Ms. Connie Vid and then prosper. There is no doubt in my mind that this book will become a classic in our industry and provides great content to guide any HR practitioner onto the “Path of Immortality”

Sara Huval

Chief Human Resources Officer JD Bank

Marc Miller cleverly brings back Ms. Harriet Rose Job (HRJOB) from his last book, to engage and guide readers on their professional journeys to “immortality” as they navigate through today’s everchanging technology world. The anticipated growth of AI could greatly impact and even threaten HR’s viability if the main issues Marc raises are not addressed in a timely manner. Susan and I highly recommend this detailed, thoughtful and enjoyable read for HR and HRIS/HR Technology professionals!

Lisa Gekin

Director, HRIS Projects Dassault Falcon Jet


Containing over 400 pages of commentary, research, opinion and futures from HR and HR technology leaders joining Marc S Miller in providing insights (and fun) for anyone in an “HR Job” (anyone working as an HR professional for any organization at any level), the career journey of one Ms. H. (Harriet) R. (Rose) Job (HR JOB) continues. “She” is now deemed “critical and needed” (if not “Immortal”).

This, after being targeted and “done away” with in my previous book (The Death of HR: Who Killed H. (Harriet) R. (Rose) Job? – a Cautionary Tale and a Detective Story) in 2018 BC (before COVID) by a conspiracy within her own organization for being an “obstacle to progress” and “non- strategic”. Harriet Rose Job was able to RESURRECT herself. How did this happen?

Enter Ms. Connie Vid – (COVID). As a result of the Pandemic the function of HR was at the center of it all in figuring out what needed to be done in order for companies and their workforce to survive the impact of the Pandemic.

Ms. Harriet Rose Job (HRJOB) became critical and needed, (if not IMMORTAL!) by changing her MINDSET and seeking collaborations with her many colleagues, including Mr. Tali Managementi (Talent Management), Mr. Bebe Boomer, Mr. Mel Lenial, Ms. Jennifer Zee, Mr. Gene Exer, (the 4 Generations) not to mention, Ms. Anna Lytics, Ms. Sue “Sis” Tems, Mr. Arturo Intelligenti, Mr. Chet G. PeTee and Ms. Diane Versity and many others, all joining to help deliver policies, programs and other actionable insights stemming from Harriet Rose Job’s new Mindset to overcome the effects of the “Evil Do-er – Ms. Connie Vid”!

Here is a sneak peek of Immortal HR: The Death and Resurrection of Ms. H. (Harriet) R. (Rose) Job – Part 1 – Marc Miller’s comments to the readers about why and how this book came to be.




Marc S Miller


It’s time to make sure that Ms. Harriet Rose Job remains RESURRECTED and IMMORTAL! (And that YOU remain on the path to success, if not Immortality.)

Power of the collaborative efforts of people adding value

(and HR’s role as an anchor)